…Keep Them In The Dark and Feed Them *&#@

This is a fun little art project that had to have multiples of something and have a message. So I chose to play on an old phrase I once heard: “I feel like a Mushroom… They keep me in the dark and feed me *&#@”

I slip casted a little over 20 porcelain mushrooms. The positive was made from plaster. I was able to use a two part mold with the pour gate at the bottom of the plug. This allowed me to get several heights from the same mold, buy trimming the pour gate down when the part was leather hard.

Once the parts were fired with a clear glaze, the tops were either left white or painted red or blue to reference the United States. In context, the mushrooms were placed in front of an image of the Congressional Office building.

Turns out this mold also makes fun little salt and pepper shakers!


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