VW Scirocco

  • This was my Mom’s first car in high school. She bought it off of the showroom floor of Alpine Volkswagen on Colfax, and even lived out of it for a short period of time. When my parents need a bigger car for my brother and I, it was stored for about 12 years where rust and other corrosive demons grew.

    Over the past few years I have been working on restoring it, as well as adding a few goodies along the way!

    My dad helped me get the car running, we had to clean out the fuel system because the gas had literally rotted inside the fuel system. We also had to find some electrical demons. We were going to make this my daily driver until we discovered how rare these cars have become, which is when it was decide to take the car in a new direction. So far the major rust has been cut out and replaced with fresh metal. The front fenders have been replaced because of the rust. The suspension has been beefed up with H&R Sport springs and upper and lower strut braces.

    After that the motor was Turbo charged with a vintage RayJay Turbo and B&E manifold. I wanted to showcase the old sckool TC2  boost controller and use the original intake manifold so all the intake piping had to fabricated and the shift linkage wad to be modified and fabricated as well. Once the turbo was in the Fuel System was upgraded with a Volvo 240’s fuel distributor and Audi 5000 warm up regulator to handle the new fuel needs. A bigger throttle body and larger cold air intake was also added to help the car breath.

    The plans for the future include Big brakes with an all around disc brake conversion. There is still extensive body work I am working on, so a new Paint job is definitely in the works once I find a good paint system and someone to spray the car.

    I am currently building up a 1,8L that will be bored out to a 2.0L to replace my 1.6. The head is currently undergoing the long process of being ported and polished. After all is said and done this motor should be capable of a little over 200hp. I may install a Megasquirt engine management system if the crave for power continues after that.
    Special thanks goes out to the Volkswagen guru Marcus for all of his help. I would probably still be in suspension work without his help and encouragement.

    Please keep in mind this is a work in progress.

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