Fire Tracker

The Fire Tracker was designed as an aid for firefighters. During the summer of 2012 I was inspired to do this project because of all the wild fires burning in Colorado.

Through my research I found that there could not be any single tool to fight fires. Every fire is unique and requires different strategies to fight, which is often determined what tools you can use. The reason you see firefighters digging by hand is because they cant get power tools or equipment to the location they need to be at. They usually have to hike and carry the tools they have.

The Fire Tracker was designed to get through though environments and trails. Tracks are used instead of wheel because wheels could get stuck in a mud hole or ash pit, ash pits are among the leading causes of injuries in wild fires. The fire tracker contains first aid and a large bed for transporting heavy equipment. The bed could also be used to transport an injured firefighter. A tiller is attached to a power take off, common on many tractors.

The tiller would break up the ground to the mineral soil. Firefighters would then only have to remove the loose soil and vegetation, thus reducing much of the hard labor firefighters do to make a fire line.

What makes this better than a bulldozer? Bulldozers obviously move more earth than a dinky tiller, however they are costly to transport and slow which can cause a firefighter to become trapped in a fire. The Fire Tracker is quick, agile and can go almost anywhere. The Fire Tracker was designed as a versatile tool for firefighters to use in a variety of situations be it for transportation, to till dirt or escape.


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