Urban Hardwood Furniture

  • Cross Table JaliHere are some of the projects that I have worked on at Urban Hardwood Furniture. These projects include Drafting, conceptual drawings for pricing and customer approval, furniture refinishing and production in India and “In House” by me and my motley crew

    Round_BenchCurved_Char saveView_House_Chair_3969867_10152025747998716_1264616220_n 998196_10151544088303716_743089231_n 1454716_10151815546543716_130138165_n 10271572_10152147329633716_4489891107892238735_n 10325195_10152147329503716_39245764200773632_n

    Dilon_Consol_TableIMG_20140620_104300_863MarbleTopAveda Display2 Display w glass shelfs  Mirror coffee Table DK Wal Mirror coffee Table Nat Metal V ConsolWall

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