Cantilever Bench

This Bench was designed for the new Student Success Building at Metropolitan State University of Denver. The SSB was designed by RNL, It features clean modern design, natural lighting, and LEED rating standards.  It reflects Metro’s step up into university status and the break away from the past. The bench itself was inspired by the buildings clean and modern architecture. I wanted my bench to reflect the clean and light aesthetic of this building. Naturally chairs such as the Barcelona Chair by Mies van der Rohe, or the LC2 arm chair by le corbusier came to mind. Both are classic, clean iconic designs that would flawlessly blend into the Student success building.

When inside the building you can’t help but notice the airy feeling inside. Everything has a very open natural feeling due to the open space and natural lighting. This is what directed me towards a cantilevered design. The cantilevered design is very light design with lots of motion. However a real cantilever would be unrealistic in this building because there is no way to anchor it to the floor because the building has false floors.


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